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Specialize in effective and sustainable cultural change management to maintenance, repair and operational departments. Over 29 years succesfully helping SME and international fortune 1000 corporations cost effectively improve thier maintenance and asset management organizations.

Inventory Optimization

By Optimizing your MRO Inventory you can reduce your Holdings Costs and Year-Over-Year spend on spare parts by upto 30%.

Manpower Efficency

Is your Maintenance Department overstaffed? How many tradespeople do you really need to maintain your facility?

PM & PdM Effectiveness

Most PM programs are static. Moving to a dynamic PM program can reduce your unextpected downtime by up to 70%.

Data Driven Culture

Use AI and ML tools to analyze your CMSS and equipment historian data to find cost effective, actionable opportunities.

Do Not Have a Computer Maintenace Management System (CMMS)

Do not have a Computer Maintenace Management System to track maintenance and spare parts inventory costs. MeirSTS can Help!!!

For as little as $9.87 per day!* MeirSTS can provide and implement a cloud based SaaS CMMS solution for you. If that is still too much money; we can direct you to a free SaaS CMMS to get you started.

* includes software setup of PM program, entity and Inventory control, 3 year contract, no more than 2 user, up to 10 critical pieces of equipment,. $1000 one time software setup fee. billed yearly, applicable taxes extra

Prices are Canadian dollars.

Prices are subject to change.

"Effectively Manage The People... Who Manage Your Assets"

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